I working in a MNC, he is also working my company. initially he was very close to me as a good friend, latter i liked him very much, we use to msg lot and talk alot we share everything to him..... one day he told one girl purposed him,and she was his college days friend she helped him lot during college days, he got this job becouse of her, she is well off ect... after hearing this i asked him many times weather he loves her, he use to say" no i dint love her".... and one day for first time he asked me to come out with him alone, i said yes for that and i also thought to purpose him on that day,becoz i very well know he also love me.. we also fixed the date for our first outing (stiil i remb date april 11th 2009), suddenly before we going out he called me over phone and said ,she(his frnd) saw his mobile bill she find my number lot than her number and she cried lot for that over phone, she asked him to love her so he said ok, because she helped him lot during his past days he got this job because for her etc etc... and she want him to cut my relationship.. for that he said to me no problem we will be friends. on that day my heart was broken.. latter we continued as a formal friends, i cant act as a friend with fake smile, so i said to him that i loved him i cant act as a friend no more.. he doesn't react much for this because he like me lot, he too miss me, he told... we felt guilty so we decided to cut our relationship completely, thank god during that time both of us shift time got changed so non of our friend doubted us for our sudden change...  now a days we not even say hi to each other. But i cant able to forget him, for past one year i cant able to concentrate in anything, i miss him lot in my life. i need him but i know it wont happen, ... i want to forget him i really want to forget him.. i became like a mental by thinking always about him, i dont want to be like this by loving another girl lover. i tried lot but i cant, i cant able to share this to anyone.. pls advice me or help me i love him maddly i want to forget him... pls help me to recover from this...... plsssssssssssss help me,,,Help me to recover .

From- Priya/India
Priya, after reading your story, I am wordless. I can't (neither anyone else) feel/realize your actual situation, still I can only try to understand it. You have loved him more than anything else in your life. Even after one year, you are unable to forget him. A lots of thought are coming in my mind… Let see if I can explain it in better way..

Trying hard not to remember her or him-here is solution

I assume you too have face this challenge to not to remember her or him after some fight but its seem impossible to do. As much we want to forget she/he keep coming in our imagination and we struggle with ourselves to not bring her/his face in memory.
So, I have a solution to this problem. Please note this is not for everyone and may not be applied in all situations. I used to follow this trick. Also this is not if you want to forget for ever but you may try it.
Here is the trick. Whenever you had fight then you show to her or him that you are angry and will not talk to her but not think same internally. Alwyas think that you still love her, you will never forget her and you will talk to her again after sometime. I mean never get yourself serious about breaking relationship for ever.
You will see the magic- how easy is it to live for few days without talking.
Let me know your experience on it.